Molecular DNA Technology (RDNA202)


Lecturer: Dr R. Govinden

BIOL101 or BIMI120; CHEM110, 120

To provide a strong foundation in bacterial and viral molecular biology and recombinant DNA Technology.

Organisation of bacterial & viral genomes.  DNA replication.  Regulation of gene expression.  Plasmid Biology.  Transposons and mobile elements.  DNA Repair & recombination.  Theory of cloning, manipulation & analysis of genes and the expression of their protein products.  A working knowledge of genetic engineering.

Hands on experience in screening for bacterial mutants, detection of antibiotic resistance, conjugation and transduction and bacteriophage cultivation.  Hands on experience with basic recombinant DNA technology techniques.

Practicals (25%), 2h theory tests (25%), 3h exam (50%)

DP Requirement:
Class mark of 40%, attendance at 80% of tutorials and practicals



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