Bacteriology (MICR213)


Lecturer: Dr H. Chenia

Prerequisite Modules:
CHEM110, BIMI120 or BIOL101.

To provide a strong foundation in the field of bacteriology.

Morphology and ultra-structure of bacteria; relationship of cellular structure to function. Physiological nutritional groups among the bacteria. Cultivation of bacteria and elementary aspects of control of microorganisms. Introduction to microbial ecology and habitat specific species. Basic aspects of environmental microbiology. Metabolic pathways of industrial importance. Introduction to classification of bacteria.

Handling bacteria; aseptic technique; cultural practices; staining procedures; microscopy.
Assessment: Theory tests (10%), assignments and practical tests (10%), laboratory and practical reports (20%), 3 h exam (60%).

DP Requirement:
40% Class mark, 80% attendance at practicals.

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