Environmetal Microbial Biotechnology (MICR307)

Lecturer: Dr A.O. Olaniran

Prerequisite Modules:

To provide esssential knowledge relevant to industry in the area of biotechnological processes involving microorganisms.

Pollution microbiology: Sources and consequences of pollution. Methods for pollutant detection.  Strategies for the treatment of solid and liquid wastes. Water & wastewater quality montioring.  Catabolism of pollutants.  Applications, evaluation & biochemical processes.  Assessment of microbial diversity in biotechnological processes.  Microbial biotechnology for mineral & energy production.

Mini-research projects in selected topics from the above.  Field trips to facilities using environmetnal mocrobial biotechnology.

Theory tests and assignments (20%), assessment of practical and project reports (20%), 3 h exam (60%).

DP Requirement:
40% Class mark, 80% attendance at practicals.

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