Research Project
Research Project

MICR710 PY WY (0L-45T-200P-30S-205H-0R-0F-0G-0A-26W-48C)

Aim: To provide a grounding in research techniques & procedures in Microbiology.
Content: Students have an opportunity to obtain some degree of specialization in: Agricultural Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology or Industrial and Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology. In addition to the above, seminars and a research proposal, relevant to the Research Project are presented to the Staff and Students. The findings of the Research Project are submitted in the form of a bound mini-dissertation and also presented at a scientific forum.
Assessment: Project Report (70%), literature review, proposal presentation and research paper (20%), conference presentation (10%).

DP Requirement: Not applicable.

Year-long Module. This module has no supplementary exam.

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