Biofuels: biomining for novel, thermophilic enzymes for lignocelluloses metabolism.  Cloning in heterologous hosts, enzyme characterization.  Construction of lignocelluloses-metabolizing and ethanol fermenting strains.  Construction OF consortia for lignocelluloses bioconversion to ethanol.


Biopulping: Assessment of seasonal microflora variation and their physical and chemical effects on wood chips for the pulping industry





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Track A Chair for session on In Vitro and Animal Models: Current status, latest Data. Microbicides 2006, Cape Town ICC, 23-26 April 2006.


Track B Chair for session on Recruitment, Retention and Adherence, Ashok Hotel, New Delhi, 26 February 2008.




Track A Scientific review Panel member - Microbicides 2006, Cape Town ICC, 23-26 April 2006.


Track B Co-chair Microbicides and scientific review panel co-chair 2008, New Delhi, 25-27 February 2008.


AIDS and Behaviour



Validation of HIV Testing Algorithm, HPTN Annual Meeting, Washington DC, 16-20 February 2004.


AIDS Awareness Talk to Senior Citizen Group, Verulam. 6 October 2005.


CS Investigators Meeting. Title: “Site update for Study”, Amsterdam, 12-14 October 2005.


CADPAA World AIDS Day Celebration. Title: “World Aids Day”,  Chatsworth, 22 December 2005


Site Preparedness, IPM Investigators Meeting, Cape Town, 20 April 2006.


Microbicides: The latest developments - utilizing research findings to inform localised prevention strategies. AIDS Foundation Learning and Sharing Conference, Durban, 27-29 June 2006


HIV/AIDS Awareness and MRC studies, Chatsworth Child Welfare, Day World AIDS Day, Chatsworth, December 2006


Prevention Strategies: The latest developments. Durban University of Technology, 13 February 2007.


Symposium on "Microbicide Safety Monitoring in Clinical Trials", Durban, 28 May 2007.


Gender AIDS Forum: Microbicides: Where are we at in South Africa? Durban, 23-24 August 2007.


Microbicide Clinical Trials In South Africa, KZN Department of Health, Pietermaritzburg, 27 February 2007.


HIV and AIDS in the Workplace, Durban, 21 May 2008.


Provincial Health Research Meeting, Pietermaritzburg, 30 June 2008.


HIV and AIDS, University of KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 19 September 2008.


Biotechnology, Gateway Science Centre, April, 2010.



Community Involvement




Local:   25 Poster and 1 Oral


International:  39 Poster and 13 Oral





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